Uoplay Gimbal For GoPro Cameras and Smartphones

Uoplay Gimbal For GoPro Cameras and Smartphones

Uoplay 3-axis brushless gimbal for GoPro cameras and Smartphones made by Foxconn for Chinese manufacturer Aibird.

The Uoplay has a built in joystick plus a dedicated video button that allows for bluetooth connection and camera control.

UOPlay Gimbal and 3 axis stabilizer

There are three shooting modes.
Photo / video / switch mode button: single-click to take photos or videos, double-click to switch to semi-following, fully following mode, and locked mode, triple click to switch to vertical framing mode. With one continuous press you can perform a balance calibration.
There is a built-in 1/4″ 20 screw thread at the bottom of the Uoplay gimbal for tripod use.
NB: Don’t put an action camera in the grip like it’s shown in this video. There is a bracket for GoPro and similar cameras to hold them in place on the Uoplay gimbal.
1. Unique vertical video mode (all the modes can work in vertical mode).
2. Compatible with both Smartphone and Gopro.
3. One key operation with built-in bluetooth make the operation more convenient and simple.
4. LED indicator light can easily help you to distinguish 3 different modes of Uopaly.
5. Manufactured by Foxconn which also produce the iPhone’s product.
6. Aluminium Alloy body with Brushless motors.
7. Intelligence caliberate system without connect to computer.
8. Replaceble handle sleeve which include wooden, black, red, green and blue.


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