Uoplay Gimbal For GoPro Cameras and Smartphones

Uoplay Gimbal For GoPro Cameras and SmartphonesUoplay 3-axis brushless gimbal for GoPro cameras and Smartphones made by Foxconn for Chinese manufacturer Aibird.
The Uoplay has a built in joystick plus a dedicated video button that allows for bluetooth connection and camera control.

There are three shooting modes. Photo / video / switch mode button: single-click to take photos or videos, double-click to switch to semi-following, fully following mode, and locked mode, triple click to switch to vertical framing mode. With one continuous press you can perform a balance calibration. There is a built-in 1/4″ 20 screw thread at the bottom of the Uoplay gimbal for tripod use. NB: Don’t put an action camera in the grip like it’s shown in this video. There is a bracket for GoPro and similar cameras to hold them in place on the Uoplay gimbal. Features: 1. Unique vertical video mode (all the modes can work in vertical mode).
2. Compatible with both Smartphone and Gopro.
3. One key operation with …

3 Axis Gimbal Cameras - Selecting a Compact Super Zoom or Bridge Camera

Buy Best 3d Trio Camera  It's time to upgrade your old trio camera. Perhaps your kids are older and are involved with sports and your old camera just can't keep up. Or maybe your passion is capturing beautiful images of birds as they visit your feeders.

I know, you like to travel and you are never quite close enough to that perfect scene. No matter what you need this article can help you make a wise choice.

Just what is a super zoom 3d Trio Camera? This class of digital camera comes in a few different configurations but what they all have in common is zoom lenses of at least 10X. Some will look just like other pocket friendly digital cameras but they will be a little thicker to contain the long lens. Others will resemble a pro camera complete with a hand grip and a lens that doesn't retract flush to the body. We call these latter cameras "bridge" cameras because they aren't really 3d Trio Cameras nor are they big DSLR style cameras, they bridge between those…

Are You Looking to Buy a New 3 Axis Gimbal GoPro HD Camera But Not Sure Which One to Actually Get?

Buy 3 Axis Gimbal | 3 Axis Gimbal DSLR | 3 Axis Gimbal Stabilizer | GoPro Gimbal GoPro has been around for 6 years now and has a nice lineup of various HD video helmet cameras and video camera accessories. They have been doing this for quite a while and have become a leader in the market for this type of video capture device.

The cameras are mainly used for capturing photos and video from one helmet while doing extreme sports like mountain biking, skateboarding and motocross but that is not all you can use them for. They can be used for water and underwater sports, winter sports like snowboarding, high speed sports like motorcycle racing and solo sports like rock climbing. With the different cameras and the enormous selection of mounts, the uses are almost endless.

With all the different cameras, packages and accessories available from GoPro Gimbal, it can be a little difficult to get the one that is going to suit your needs the most. Here is Gimbal GoPro 960 and the GoPro HERO. The …